F2 and F3 Unveil Race Calendars for 2022 Season

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F2 and F3 have jointly unveiled their 2022 calendars which sees some new additions plus returns of some former rounds.

The extended 14 round F2 calendar comes as F2 changes format following a experimental three-race weekend format in 2021, as the series returns to a two-race format but with Sprint Race now held on Saturdays with Feature Race taking place on Sundays and will race on same weekends as F3 at selected venues.

F2 will visit Imola and Zandvoort for the very first time on weekends of 22-24 April and 2-4 September respectively, with F3 having previously visited the latter circuit in 2021 supporting the 2021 Dutch Grand Prix.

Spain, Austria, Hungary and Belgium meanwhile all return after being dropped from F2 calendar in 2021, with all four countries instead hosting F3 rounds.

The season will begin across the weekend of 18-20 March in Bahrain before visiting Saudi Arabia, Imola (Italy), Spain, Monaco, Azerbaijan, Great Britain, Austria, Hungary, Belgium, Netherlands, Monza (Italy) and Russia before the season concludes across 18-20 November in Abu Dhabi.

F2 & F3 CEO, Bruno Michel explained that the decision to have a record-breaking 14 rounds came from ‘strong’ desire of F2’s stakeholders to have the series supporting many F1 weekends as possible, whilst also iterating that 14 race weekends is the absolute maximum purely “for cost reasons” to safeguard F2’s finances.

Acknowledging the impact on team budgets, Michel said: “This calendar will of course induce an increase of our teams’ budgets, but we will support them so that they are able to manage the extra costs.”

Here is the 2022 F2 calendar in full.

Round Country Date
1 Bahrain 18-20 March
2 Saudi Arabia 25-27 March
3 Imola 22-24 April
4 Spain 20-22 May
5 Monaco 27-29 May
6 Azerbaijan 10-12 June
7 Great Britain 1-3 July
8 Austria 8-10 July
9 Hungary 29-31 July
10 Belgium 26-28 August
11 Netherlands 2-4 September
12 Italy 9-11 September
13 Russia 23-25 September
14 Abu Dhabi 18-20 November


F3 Unveil Nine-Round 2022 Calendar

F3 meanwhile will run a nine-round calendar which sees five of the seven rounds held in 2021 retained as the series returns to Spain, Austria, Hungary, Belgium and Zandvoort.

France and USA though have been dropped and replaced by early-season visits to Bahrain and Imola on weekends of 18-20 March and 22-24 April respectively, of which Michel has described as “very exciting” with F1, F2 and F3 all kicking off their seasons together in Bahrain.

F3 will return to Great Britain and Monza, Italy, which were both dropped from 2021 calendar but previously featured in 2019 and 2020 calendars.

Here is 2022 F3 calendar in full.

Round Country Date
1 Bahrain 18-20 March
2 Imola, Italy 22-24 April
3 Barcelona 20-22 May
4 Great Britain 1-3 July
5 Austria 8-10 July
6 Hungary 29-31 July
7 Belgium 26-28 August
8 Netherlands 2-4 September
9 Monza, Italy 9-11 September

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