F1 Unveil Official Model of 2022 Car

Formula One have unveiled their official model of their 2022 car as the sport braces itself for a huge technical revamp next season.

Several technical changes will include the return of ground effect aerodynamics for the first time since its ban in the 1980s, as the new technical regulations make its debut after being delayed from 2021 due to Coronavirus pandemic.

Bargeboards will also be eliminated whilst there will also be various simplifications in bodywork and front wing, with the latter required to connect to the front nosecone unlike in recent years whilst all bodywork parts must be coated in rubber to reduce the risk of components breaking away on track.

Other changes include wider rear wings with restriction limits in place on the ability of teams to use exhaust gases to generate downforce, whilst exhaust components have been added to the list of restricted components before a penalty is handed out.

There will also be a budget cap of $140m next season before dropping to £135m across 2023-25 seasons.

Pirelli will also bring 18 inch tyres to F1 in 2022 after successfully introducing the larger size tyres to Formula Two in 2020, as the Italian based tyre supplier remains as the producer and supplier of F1 tyres until 2024.

FIA President, Jean Todt speaking about the new era of F1 set to begin next season said: “The magic of Formula One is in seeing driver and machine competing at the limit and these regulations have been designed to allow drivers to race closer together on track.

“In combination with the financial regulations that are now in place, there should be more opportunities for all the teams and drivers to fight for the top positions.”

McLaren’s Lando Norris echoed Todt’s thoughts, saying: “It’s a a proper car and we can have a lot of fun in it and that’s the main thing.”

Reigning seven-time F1 champion, Sir Lewis Hamilton added: “2022 will be a serious challenge getting used to a new car and a new era of the car and if it enables us to follow and race like it is planned to, I think it will be amazing for the fans and the sport.”

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