Formula One Launches Task Force and Foundation to Increase Diversity

Formula One has details of a new Task Force and foundation aimed at increasing diversity and inclusion within the sport. 

F1 CEO, Chase Carey has personally donated $1m of funding to set up the foundation, which will help finance internships and apprenticeships within F1 for under-represented groups.

Speaking of the decision to launch a new foundation, Carey described the news as an huge opportunity “… to support key educational and employment opportunities across Formula 1 that will give under-represented talent the chance to work in this incredible sport and build an exciting career.”

The Task Force meanwhile will focus specifically at identifying ’employment and education opportunities’ including STEM careers and required action to address findings in order to help various poorly represented groups break into the sport.

Drivers and teams will receive the chance to have input alongside external diversity and inclusion experts from outside of F1, with the mandate of achieving increased diversity within the sport.

Increased diversity won’t just apply on track but also within technical, commercial, corporate and broadcast media roles. 

Carey iterated that the importance of the Task Force is to ‘ensure we give people from all backgrounds the best chances to work in Formula 1 regardless of their gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or physical abilities.’


This announcement comes off the back of Monday’s launch of the #WeRaceAsOne initiative, which is aimed at tackling issues which affect not just F1 but global communities with a pledge of more ‘inclusion’ and ‘sustainable future’. 


#WeRaceAsOne in partnership with the FIA is also looking to identify and eliminate systematic barriers, affecting participation from grassroot karting all the way up to F1 

Ultimately, the Task Force and new foundation will be welcome news as part of F1’s corporate strategy plan published in January, under the ‘Empower’ strand which is centred around improved inclusion and diversity across F1. 

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