Writers Wanted

If passionate about sport and writing, looking for free volunteering experience and want to join a website with a worldwide reach of over 300K visitors, we here at Sport Grill would love to welcome you on board with plenty of creative freedom to produce your own content around various footballing competitions or motorsport series.

Whatever your interests from Premier League to Women’s Super League to F1 or even junior motorsport categories plus sport that we don’t cover already, we are open to letting you produce whatever quality content you want from news reports to feature articles plus more.

In turn, you will be able to gain experience writing for an independent online news publication which can be included on CV and as part of a portfolio for future employers.

If interested and want more information or got ideas which you want to discuss, please feel free to email us at SportGrillBlog@hotmail.com or contact us via our social media feeds. 

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