Construction on Aston Martin New F1 Factory Breaks Ground

(Image credit: Aston Martin)

Aston Martin have announced that construction is now underway on their new three-unit factory with completion set for between late 2022 – early 2023.

The new buildings at 400,000 square feet will compromise of new factory and wind tunnel facilities in Northamptonshire, which have been designed by Ridge and Partners LLP who will also manage the project alongside construction consultancy – Gardiner & Theobald as well as Aston Martin itself.

It is anticipated that the project will be take 18 months of construction and installation with Aston Martin confirming that the new headquarters will be based across the road from Silverstone Grand Prix Circuit.

One building will compromise of design, manufacturing and marketing resources alongside a wind tunnel facility in the second building, whilst their current ‘outgrown’ base will be redeveloped into ‘a central hub featuring staff amenities and a logistics centre.’

The wind tunnel facility won’t begin construction until summer 2023 but Executive Chairman, Lawrence Stroll, has committed to providing roles for ‘experienced experts’ within motorsport alongside ‘local talent’ across Northamptonshire.

JCB will also be involved in the construction with Chairman, Lord Bamford stating that this project is “ambitious” and hopes that the buildings will provide “a fantastic home and working environment for a group of extraordinarily talented and motivated men and women.”


First-ever Smart F1 Factory

This build will see Aston Martin become the first team in F1 ‘ to benefit from the full installation of smart factory intelligent systems.’

Explaining what the smart factory will entail, Aston Martin revealed that the new factory will ‘be a wireless adaptive, streamlined facility’ where data streams, monitoring systems and manufacturing processes will be tied together via data within the cloud with support from the team’s technical partners.

This new technology will also enable Aston Martin to constantly adapt to various recurring manufacturing processes, as well as ‘provide significant economies of scale and function’ as the team’s production presence expands.

Speaking on this development, Stroll described the start of construction on Aston Martin’s new factory as “inspiring” and iterated that this smart factory isn’t just a reflection of the team’s ambitions in F1 but also of their “growth and development” as a team.

Reflecting on what this building will represent for Aston Martin, Stroll added: “I feel strongly that any building is a powerful representation of the people who work within it, and I am thrilled that we are creating a new home in which people can work, collaborate, create and win together.

“It is exciting to think that the entire team will be in its new home by the end of 2022 or the start of 2023, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our partners who are working on the project, especially JCB and Cognizant.”

Aston Martin CEO and Team Principal, Otmar Szafnauer meanwhile acknowledged their current base as part of F1 history after housing various teams like Force India, Spyker, Midland F1 and originally Jordan Grand Prix, although he noted that the constructor has now “outgrown” their current premises.

Szafnauer also paid tribute to West Northamptonshire Council (WNC) for their role in this move, revealing that Aston Martin “are indebted” to WNC for providing “help and understanding” throughout design and consultation phases, which will enhance the values of Silverstone Technology Park and Motorsport Valley.

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