How Well Do You Know The British Grand Prix?

As Formula One gears up for this weekend’s British Grand Prix, we bring you a special quiz asking how well do you know the British GP.

From Silverstone to Brands Hatch and more, there has been plenty of thrilling F1 action across 70 plus years of the British Grand Prix packed with home winners, incidents and disqualifications.

We there are now putting your knowledge to the test in our 17 question big quiz. on everything British Grand Prix, so good luck.


#1. Who won the 1950 British GP?

#2. Who was the first British driver to win the British GP

#3. Sir Stirling Moss and Tony Brooks won 1957 British GP but which team were they driving for?

#4. When did the first rain affected British GP Take Place?

#5. Who was the first consecutive British GP winner?

#6. Away from Silverstone, which two other circuits have held the British Grand Prix since F1 began in 1950?

#7. Under how many different official titles has the British GP been held since 1950?

#8. How many British Grands Prix has Lewis Hamilton, Jim Clark, Alain Prost and Nigel Mansell have won in total between them?

#9. Out of Nine multi British GP winning engine suppliers, how many are lining up on the 2021 Grid

#10. How Many British Grands Prix have been won from pole position?

#11. How many Brits have won the British Grand Prix (including two joint winners in 1957)

#12. Tyre Failures Dominated 2013 British GP weekend but which driver unluckily suffered two failures?

#13. Four Non F1 World Championship British Grands Prix took place between 1926-27 & 48-49 but which two constructors won two races each?

#14. Which corner served as the opening corner until 2010 before F1 moved to the current start/finish straight at Abbey?

#15. How many non European drivers have won the British Grand Prix?

#16. In 1976, which Brit was disqualified for an illegal car change yet went on to become that season's champion?

#17. Which circuit tried to snatch the British GP from Silverstone in 2010 but failed to produce necessary funds?


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