F1 to Revive Wreath Celebrations For British Sprint Qualifying

Formula One has announced that it is set to revive the old tradition of wreath celebrations for post British Sprint Qualifying on 17 July 2021.

This weekend sees the debut of a race weekend format with traditional Qualifying moving to Friday evening (16 July, 6:00pm BST), with a Sprint Qualifying Race held on Saturday 17 July at 4:30pm BST to determine the starting grid for Sunday’s British Grand Prix.

Free Practice Two will therefore move to Saturday at 12:00pm BST in place of the dropped FP3 session as part of this shakeup.

Upon the conclusion of Sprint Qualifying, the top three finishers will not head for the podium which won’t be put down in their statistics or race victory in case of the winner.

Instead, they will head off on a victory parade lap around Silverstone where they will be awarded ‘uniquely designed wreaths’ as they celebrate with fans like former F1 legends used to do in the sport’s early years.

FIA Approve New F1 Sprint Qualifying Format

Speaking on the decision behind this unique celebration, Director of Event Spectacle at Formula 1 – Alex Molina said: ““F1 Sprint is a brand-new and exciting format, so we felt it was important to come up with a post-race moment that was equally special.”

Molina also spoke of this post Sprint Qualifying celebrations as a significant recognition of the sport’s history, adding: “The moment recognises the seven decades of history in the sport and combines it with a modern twist – very similar to the Sprint itself.”

F1 also stated that they’re keeping the victory parade and wreaths under wraps until the conclusion of Sprint Qualifying, whilst urging fans to remain seated upon completion of the session to ensure that they don’t miss the victory lap celebrations and wreath presentations.

The top three finishers of Sprint Qualifying will also be awarded championship points with the winner receiving three points, runner-up receiving two points whilst the third-placed finisher will receive one point.

This new format is also set to feature at the Italian Grand Prix in September plus a third race later in the season, with venue set to be determined in due course as the Brazilian Grand Prix continues to remain in doubt due to high Coronavirus rates.

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