F1 and Circuit de Catalunya Agree Spanish Grand Prix Deal For 2021

Formula One have announced that they have signed a renewal agreement with Circuit de Catalunya, which confirms that the 2021 Spanish Grand Prix will go ahead. 

Circuit de Catalunya will host its 31st Spanish Grand Prix across the weekend of 7-9 May 2021 subject to no Coronavirus related postponement, marking 30 years since the circuit’s inauguration.

Catalonia’s Minister of Business and Knowledge plus Circuit de Catalunya President, Ramon Tremosa has spoken of the positive financial impact of the race, stating that the race brings ‘a multiplying effect in terms of GDP growth’ plus creates jobs and wealth ten times higher than the local government.

Tremosa also iterated the need to ensure that the F1 race is an investment, saying; “We will continue working at the government in order to turn the racetrack in Montmelo into a permanent venue for competition, because Formula 1 is not an expense, but an investment”.

With Circuit de Catalunya also hosting the MotoGP Catalan Grand Prix amongst other races and Catalonia’s track record of producing motorsport champions, Tremosa believes this agreement is ‘securing the presence’ of the circuit in the calendar of various motorsport series.

Although the agreement is only for 2021, Circuit de Catalunya confirmed in a statement that they’re planning to ‘continue working with Formula 1 on a new, long-term agreement’ which would see the Spanish Grand Prix receive a new lengthy contract akin to various circuits on the calendar of 5+ years.

This year’s race will have two Spanish drivers on the grid as Carlos Sainz will drive for Ferrari, whilst Fernando Alonso returns after a two-season sabbatical with Renault – soon to be rebranded as Alpine.

Formula Three will also feature as a support series on the race weekend, of which their new format sees two races take place on the Saturday followed by a third race on race day ahead of the main F1 race.

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