Racing Point Reveal Cause of Lance Stroll’s Turkish Grand Prix Issues

Front wing damage caused Lance Stroll to fall from first to ninth in 2020 Turkish Grand Prix. (Image credit: Racing Point F1)

Racing Point have announced that front wing damage was the cause of Lance Stroll’s tyre issues during the Turkish Grand Prix. 

Stroll had led from pole position throughout the opening 36 laps before suffering graining issues which saw the Canadian fade to ninth at the flag, with his problem post-race being discovered to be down to front wing damage.

Post-race, Racing Point discovered damage to the underside of Stroll’s front wing which they understand to of been a ‘significant contributor’ to Stroll’s graining issues on his two sets of intermediate tyres.

Stroll’s issues began on lap 17 when Stroll reported poor tyre performance and graining plus understeering and the team had hoped that his second stop for fresh intermediates would resolve the issue, only to instead worsen the situation with Stroll sliding to ninth come the flag.

The team proceeded to confirm that a strake on the underside of the front wing came ‘loose and lodged’ in a manner that the blockage heavily reduced front downforce, ultimately contributing to Stroll’s experience of ‘increased levels of graining’.

On why they couldn’t immediately confirm the cause of the issue after the race finished, Racing Point revealed that the lack of visible damage combined with low grip conditions meant that it was ‘difficult to confirm’ whether the data showing loss of front downforce was accurate until they dissembled the car post-race.

This discovery comes after Stroll spoke of his mid-race tyre graining issues post-race, saying; “Throughout the race, I was struggling with graining on the intermediate tyre.

“The team made the right call to pit when we did because the graining was extremely difficult and it didn’t look like slick conditions would ever arrive.

“But we then had significant graining on my second set of intermediates, and I couldn’t push to make up places. In hindsight, maybe staying out would have allowed the tyre to clean up, but it’s easy to say that now.”

Sergio Perez meanwhile executed an one-stop strategy to finish second and ensured that Racing Point moved into third in the Constructor standings.

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