What would a Fantasy F1 Circuit Look Like?

Monza is one of many iconic F1 circuits with famous corners which could inspire fantasy circuits, so discover which famous corners have inspired my own fantasy racetrack. (Image credit: Dan Istitene/Getty Images)

From Stowe to the Senna S, there are many iconic corners throughout the world of Formula One but what would a fantasy Formula One circuit look like?

With F1 still in lockdown, many fans are bound to have got creative in designing their own fantasy circuits like F1TV host, Will Buxton did, so I have decided to have a go at creating my own fantasy circuit. 

Although it is tough to cram a selection of best corners into one fantasy dream track, I have combined some of the best corners from iconic and newer circuits to create the ultimate dream circuit. 

Taking inspiration from various circuits from present and one of the sport’s recent past circuits, here is my own fantasy F1 circuit.

Dream circuit

Now here is a detailed guide to each sector and why I have chosen each element within those three sectors. 


Sector One

Sergio Perez enroute to a sixth placed finish for Racing Point in 2019 Azerbaijan Grand Prix. (Image Credit: SportPesa Racing Point)

Sector One is based on the Baku City Circuit because I love how demanding those first four corners are on the cars, despite requiring the speed along straights and on exit of those four corners which is crucial in lap time. 

It’s therefore the perfect test for a first sector because one slip up could put the car in the wall or ruin a lap time, especially with a technical sector two to follow. 


Sector Two

Maggots and Becketts esses are one of F1’s most iconic corners.

The fifth and sixth corners would form a tough test in the style of same corners in Mexico, although the latter would launch the car into double esses in a nod to Maggots/Becketts series of esses at Silverstone just to test the car’s technicality. 

A sharp left then right turn would then lead the car along a long winding curve akin to turn four at Sochi Autodrom, before a sharp hairpin in style of Turn 11 from Circuit of the Americas launches the car into a fast flowing uphill version of turns four, five and six of Hockenheimring

A quick sharp corner in a nod to the double apex turns seven and eight of Sepang then leads to another hairpin, which is as sharp as L’ Epingle of Circuit Gilles Villeneuve but in reverse direction and leads towards a long bending straight akin to Casino Straight of the same track.


Sector Three 

Senna S
Senna S would form the start of the final sector on this fantasy circuit. (Image credit: Pedro Leiria)

This final sector would begin with a downward chicane in the same vein as Interlagos’ Senna S at the end of the back straight, quickly leading to four final corners in the style of the final four corners of Circuit of Americas but only tighter than actual corners in real-life. 

A good exit of the final corner though is crucial along the main straight because a lot can happen, especially on safety car restarts which is why I have based the mains straight on Baku’s long start/finish straight as it feeds straight into first sector. 

Ultimately, this fantasy circuit is something that I think would be a real challenge because it requires not just speed but also a good car balance for the technical corners too, if want to nail the perfect lap and also make for unpredictable racing. 

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