Aston Martin Appoints Martin Whitmarsh As Performance Technologies Group Chief Executive Officer

Aston Martin has announced that Martin Whitmarsh will join the team as Group Chief Executive Officer of the team’s Performance Technologies.

Whitmarsh – best known as McLaren Team Principal between 2009-13 – has joined Aston Martin Performance Technologies, which will cover the team’s Formula One activities alongside development and application of the group’s ‘technical capabilities and intellectual property’ in the market industry.

The constructor will also aim to provide quality ‘innovation, engineering, testing and manufacturing services’ across various motorsport industry sectors.

Aston Martin Executive Chairman, Lawrence Stroll is “very pleased” to appoint Whitmarsh to his new role, which the 63 year-old will take up from 1 October 2021.

Expanding on what Whitmarsh’s new role will entail, Stroll revealed that Whitmarsh “will enjoy senior leadership responsibility and will assist and support me in setting the new strategic direction” of Aston Martin Performance Technologies, which includes turning the team into a F1 title-winning constructor within the next five years.

Stroll went on to praise Whitmarsh for his “long, successful and high-profile career” which encompasses motorsport, automotive, aerospace, marine and renewable-energy industries, as well as being a proven F1 winner with McLaren which includes 20 race victories in four of his five seasons with the iconic team.

Whitmarsh meanwhile is “delighted” to take up his new position and spoke highly of how the team “has punched above its weight” under its former names of Force India and Racing Point, whilst iterating that their F1 title ambition is “an entirely achievable aim.”

Reflecting on his experience of winning races and driver titles in F1 since joining McLaren in 1989 as then Head of Operations before rising up the ranks, Whitmarsh vowed to help advance the team, saying: “I intend to do whatever I can to make sure that our team becomes the winning operation that Lawrence is determined that it should be.”

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