Premier League Prepares Measures to Prevent Future Breakaway Threats

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Premier League have announced plans to create a Owner’s Charter as part of new measures aimed at preventing future breakaways.

Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur all announced plans to break away from the Premier League and join a new European Super League (ESL).

A outpouring of public anger has followed since with the EFL publicly criticising the move alongside clubs like Wolves and Burnley as the six clubs eventually caved in and withdrew from the ESL just 48 hours after their initial announcement.

Further repercussions include protests at Old Trafford and outside the Lowry Hotel on Sunday 2 May 2021, which forced Man Utd’s clash against Liverpool to be postponed as two police officers suffered injury during fierce clashes with some protestors.

Man Utd and Chelsea have also released public apology statements following their ESL withdrawals, amidst continued fan furore from supporters of all six clubs.

Premier League has since vowed to work with fan groups, UK Government, EFL, FA, PFA, LMA and FSA to fight off future threats to the English game and have announced a series of measures that they’re considering, with additional rules and regulations considered as a serious option.

Another option on the table is the introduction of an Owners’ Charter which require club owners to sign up to, committing both the owner and club to the league’s ‘core principles’ with ‘significant sanctions’ on the table in the event of rule breaches.

Premier League bosses have also called for the support of UK Government in introducing ‘appropriate legislation’ in order to protect English Football’s open pyramid and associated sporting merits on top of the game’s integrity.


English FA Launch Official Inquiry

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English FA have meanwhile confirmed that they have launched an official inquiry in order to prevent future breakaway attempts that could damage the sport domestically.

As part of preliminary inquiries upon the opening of their investigation, the FA wrote to all six English clubs in order ‘to formally request’ information and evidence concerning their participation in the ESL.

Once clubs hand over the required information, the FA will meet to consider ‘appropriate steps’ which could be taken moving forward to avoid ‘great harm’ to teams across all levels of the English Football pyramid.

The FA also noted the protests at Old Trafford and refused to condone ‘violent and criminal behaviour’ undertaken by some protestors, with a separate investigation under way.

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