Silverstone, Football, Rugby and Tennis, Unite in Support of Coronavirus Certification

Silverstone, Football, Rugby and Tennis plus other sports have united in support of Coronavirus certification review in an open letter, in the hope of enabling full venues from 21 June 2021 onwards.

Silverstone Circuit, Wimbledon, Lawn Tennis Association, English Football League, Premier League, FA, England and Wales Cricket Board, Scottish Professional Football League, Rugby League and Rugby Union have released a joint letter addressed to several political leaders.

Whilst welcoming the commitment of UK Government and all political parties in their willingness to secure the return of spectators at sporting events, several sports as well as Silverstone has iterated that 25% maximum capacity is ‘insufficient’ in ending the financial crisis in sport caused by Coronavirus.

Silverstone, Football, Rugby and Tennis also reiterated their support for the Government’s ambitions of full return of fans on 21 June without restrictions, although this depends on agreement that it is safe to reduce social distancing rules further or dropping them altogether.

All aforementioned sporting parties are ‘working closely’ with the Events Research Programme to study a variety of options, which includes the extent of how far social distancing can be relaxed in order to achieve a swift return of sold-out venues.

Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport plus Sports Grounds Safety Authority will also issue further guidance and support in due course, in their assistance towards achieving a return of fans to live sporting action.

All sporting parties however have stated that they feel that receiving certainty on the form of guidance is ‘important’, in order to enable efficient and effective planning for major sporting events from 21 June onwards like Wimbledon and British Grand Prix for example.

A Coronavirus certification arrangement therefore is on the cards with full support from various sports, in the hope of reducing and eventually reducing the requirement for social distancing at sporting venues,

All sporting parties in this open letter however acknowledged that various issues need to be addressed, with how technology will work and ease of use at venues for both spectators and organisers despite evident benefits in getting fans back into stands.

There is also support for the process including arrangements to verify a negative Coronavirus test as well as an antibody test alongside vaccination certification.

All sporting parties in this open letter however have strongly iterated that the decided approach shouldn’t discriminate or breach privacy rules, as well as not be a requirement for participation in grassroots sport around the country.

With various test events taking place in the next month, there is a keenness for final decisions on Coronavirus certifications to be based on a thorough assessment of evidence gathered across these test events.

Silverstone, Tennis, Football and Rugby concluded by iterating that they are keen to work with the UK Government and other parties from stake holders to fans, in order to deliver a great sporting summer packed with events from Euros to Wimbledon plus more.

To read full letter, click HERE.

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