Friday Practice at 2020 Eifel Grand Prix Cancelled: Social Media Highlights

Friday Practice for Eifel GP was cancelled due to low visibility. (Image credit: Ronald Wittek/Pool via REUTERS)

Friday Practice for 2020 Eifel Grand Prix at Nurburgring was cancelled due to fog and poor visibility but we instead bring you a selection of social media highlights across all teams. 

Both FP1 and FP2 were cancelled a hour into their intended sessions despite the clock ticking down as per FIA rules for Friday Practice but many teams instead utilised social media to provide alternative entertainment.

Williams’ Nicholas Latifi in particular decided to turn his hand to various jobs from pit signal man to doing the coffee runs which seemed to please the team, with their usual runner likely getting a well-earned yet unexpected rest.


George Russell meanwhile took a nap when not helping himself to free coffee from Latifi or assisting in the pit board antics.

McLaren’s Lando Norris meanwhile took his time to check in with Russell via Twitter before mentioning that he was practicing his golf swinging strategies with an ‘imaginary golf club…’ during a banters Twitter conversation during FP2.

Russell responded by hinting that Norris is in love which didn’t exactly amuse Norris with Russell soon complaining about an imaginary missed shot off target.

Across at Haas, Romain Grosjean provided their brightest entertainment with what must look like Where’s Wally practice but minus social distancing.

Alpha Tauri meanwhile simply summed up the mood of fans in attendance and watching at home rather nicely.

Alfa Romeo and Ferrari had similar atmospheres although Sebastian Vettel consoled Mick Schumacher with a conversation about his own race helmet after the latter’s FP1 debut was cancelled due to the weather conditions.

Across at Renault, Daniel Ricciardo was busy creating what we could call a new sport – Binball with some crazy moves.

As for the pit wall crew, it is pretty obvious what they were up during their free-time in terms of internet surfing given their bet with Ricciardo which is still ongoing.

McLaren decided to seemingly go retro and do what us Brits do best when stuck indoors during FP1 and were joined by Red Bull with a similar plan – remember wet break times at school anyone but this time 2020 style?

FP2 meanwhile appeared to be Art time judging by this tweet to say the least for all but Norris who clearly had better things to do judging by his above Twitter chat with Russell.

Alex Albon made the best of his unexpectedly lazy day in by seemingly having a go at photography which could well be a hint of his post F1 plans which should certainly worry some photographers around the track.

Mercedes meanwhile had an unusually silent day by their standards despite two positive Coronavirus tests including one from yesterday which meant that six team members had to self-isolate.

That however didn’t stop the Silver Arrows from joining McLaren, Racing Point and Williams for a virtual game.

All in all, a miserable day by F1 standards but one which highlighted the entertainers from the rigid PR party-poopers who lacked the entertainment factor.

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