F3 2020: Spanish Grand Prix – Friday

Logan Sargeant continues to build his championship lead after a hectic Friday. (Image credit: Joe Portlock/Getty Images)

After two rounds of thrilling action at Silverstone, Formula Three jetted off to Barcelona for the 2020 Spanish Grand Prix weekend. 

Logan Sargeant entered this round as championship leader ahead of Oscar Piastri as teams encountered a different start to the Spanish GP weekend, given the weather difference in August compared to usual trips in May of previous seasons. 

Now here is a full roundup of Practice and Qualifying plus full timings. 



Formula 3 Championship - Round 6:Barcelona - Practice & Qualifying
Roman Stanek surprisingly topped Practice for Charouz. (Image credit: Rudy Carezzevoli/Getty Images)

A quiet start to session saw the majority of drivers opt just for installation laps with the three Charouz drivers being first to lay a benchmark, as David Schumacher went fastest with 1m 36.456. 

Frederik Vesti was eventually the first frontrunner to show his hand with a 1m 35.256 but his time would soon be bettered within the following five minutes, in which Theo Pourchaire went quickest with a 1m 34.332. 

Jake Hughes then snatched top position by 0.016s until Logan Sargeant produced a 1m 33.927 to go quickest from Oscar Piastri by 0.249s in the 27th minute. 

Various drivers soon proceeded to find time but late Qualifying simulations were cut short after Alessio Deledda stopped at Turn Five to trigger a session-ending red flag. 

Roman Stanek consequently finished fastest with a 1m 33.737 after getting his Quali simulation in before the red flag, ahead of Alex Peroni and Sargeant as Igor Fraga and Piastri completed the top five. 



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A frantic start to Qualifying saw Trident’s Lirim Zendeli and Olli Caldwell lead the field out onto track for traditional two warm-up laps. 

Zendeli was the first driver to set a benchmark time of 1m 34.772 but several drivers quickly bettered the German’s lap, with Piastri ending the first runs as fastest driver with a 1m 33.649 ahead of Liam Lawson and Logan Sargeant. 

The traditional gap however saw a few drivers opt to do second runs with Zendeli going top with 1m 33.623, as David Beckmann and Clement Novalak improved to fourth and fifth respectively. 

Peroni then ventured out early and produced a 1m 33.407 to go on provisional pole with ten minutes of session left, although times would continue to tumble as Sargeant snatched pole with an epic 1m 32.974 ahead of Jake Hughes and Lawson. 

Deledda then spun off on his final lap to cause a yellow flag and ruin any chance of those on improved second laps climbing up the order, leaving Sargeant on pole and extended his championship lead over Piastri to five points.

Piastri, Sebastian Fernandez, Novalak, Beckmann, Pourchaire, Peroni and Zendeli complete the top ten for Race One grid. 

Great Britain’s Olli Caldwell and Max Fewtrell only managed to qualify 21st and 22nd on the grid. 


Post Qualifying Penalties

Zendeli will start 13th on the grid after he was penalised three grid positions for impeding Peroni during Qualifying. 

Leonardo Pulcini who is racing with Carlin this weekend meanwhile has a five place grid drop to 17th after impeding MP Motorsport’s Richard Verschoor. 

Deledda has been penalised ten grid positions after rendering a full set of tyres plus two additional front tyres unusable for safety reasons, consequently meaning that the Italian doesn’t lose a grid position after qualifying last anyway. 




Position Driver Team Time
1 Roman Stanek Charouz 1m 33.737
2 Alex Peroni Campos + 0.186
3 Logan Sargeant Prema + 0.190
4 Igor Fraga Charouz + 0.266
5 Oscar Piastri Prema + 0.453
6 Jake Hughes HWA Racelab + 0.498
7 Theo Pourchaire ART GP + 0.514
8 David Beckmann Trident + 0.589
9 Liam Lawson Hitech GP + 0.600
10 Frederik Vesti Prema + 0.711
11 Dennis Hauger Hitech GP + 0.714
12 Clement Novalak Carlin + 0.736
13 Jack Doohan HWA Racelab + 0.779
14 Lirim Zendeli Trident + 0.809
15 Sebastian Fernandez ART GP + 0.865
16 Matteo Nannini Jenzer + 0.892
17 Max Fewtrell Hitech GP + 0.895
18 Calan Williams Jenzer + 0.984
19 Frederico Malvestiti Jenzer + 1.005
20 Lukas Dunner MP Motorsport + 1.045
21 Richard Verschoor MP Motorsport + 1.089
22 Olli Caldwell Trident + 1.136
23 Enzo Fittipaldi HWA Racelab + 1.403
24 Aleksandr Smolyar ART GP + 1.422
25 Leonardo Pulcini Carlin + 1.439
26 Bent Viscaal MP Motorsport + 1.598
27 Cameron Das Carlin + 1.679
28 Alessio Deledda Campos + 1.793
29 Sophia Floersch Campos + 2.068
30 David Schumacher Charouz + 2.494



Position Driver Team Time
1 Logan Sargeant  Prema 1m 32.974
2 Jake Hughes HWA Racelab + 0.111
3 Liam Lawson Hitech GP + 0.143
4 Oscar Piastri Prema + 0.197
5 Sebastian Fernandez ART GP + 0.248
6 Clement Novalak Carlin + 0.265
7 David Beckmann Trident + 0.345
8 Theo Pourchaire ART GP + 0.412
9 Alex Peroni Campos + 0.433
10 Lirim Zendeli Trident + 0.438
11 Richard Verschoor MP Motorsport + 0.557
12 Leonardo Pulcini Carlin + 0.614
13 Matteo Nannini Jenzer + 0.628
14 Aleksandr Smolyar ART GP + 0.708
15 Frederik Vesti Prema + 0.711
16 Enzo Fittipaldi HWA Racelab + 0.788
17 Jack Doohan HWA Racelab + 0.808
18 Cameron Das Carlin + 0.852
19 Roman Stanek Charouz + 0.900
20 Lukas Dunner MP Motorsport + 0.918
21 Olli Caldwell Trident + 0.937
22 Max Fewtrell Hitech GP + 0.960
23 Bent Viscaal MP Motorsport + 0.963
24 Dennis Hauger Hitech GP + 1.002
25 Calan Williams Jenzer + 1.030
26 David Schumacher Charouz + 1.051
27 Frederico Malvestiti Charouz + 1.214
28 Igor Fraga Charouz + 1.299
29 Sophia Floersch Campos + 1.543
30 Alessio Deledda Campos + 2.207

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