F3 2020: Silverstone Grand Prix – Friday

Logan Sargeant takes pole for second F3 race weekend at Silverstone. (Image credit: Clive Mason/Getty Images)

Less than a week after two thrilling races around Silverstone, Formula Three hit the racetrack again ahead of the 2020 Silverstone GP weekend.

Teams have had a week to analyse data from last weekend and make necessary changes with some reaping the rewards better than others, whereas championship leader – Oscar Piastri suffered a horrible Friday throughout Practice and Qualifying. 



Formula 3 Championship - Round 5:Silverstone - Practice & Qualifying
David Beckmann finished Practice as the fastest driver. (Image credit: Rudy Carezzevoli/Getty Images)

A quiet start saw Aleksandr Smolyar lead his ART GP teammates of Sebastian Fernandez and Theo Pourchaire out onto the track for installation laps, with the Charouz and Campos trios also venturing out for installation laps.

Alessio Deledda set the first representative time of a 1m 498.962 in the ninth minute, which was soon bettered by the Charouz duo of Roman Stanek then David Schumacher. 

Richard Verschoor and Ben Barnicoat eventually went quicker before Prema’s Logan Sargeant found himself top at the halfway mark with a 1m 46.195, shortly before Oscar Piastri retired from the session at Chapel with a technical issue.

Sargeant immediately traded fastest laps with David Beckmann before the majority of runners opted to pit, ahead of a late qualifying simulation. 

Beckmann eventually wound up as the fastest man in practice for the third time this season, ahead of Jack Doohan, Pourchaire, Sargeant and Liam Lawson who rounded out the top five. 

Great Britain’s Jake Hughes was sixth fastest whilst Max Fewtrell was 12th quickest, ahead of Clement Novalak, Barnicoat and Olli Caldwell in 16, 18th and 26th positions respectively. 



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ART GP once again led the pack out onto track with Smolyar at front but with the HWA Racelab, Trident and Charouz trios all following out behind them. 

Drivers soon traded fastest lap on their opening fliers with Prema’s Sargeant soon leading Piastri by 0.069s, as Lawson settled into third position until Hughes went fastest with a 1m 46.006. 

Piastri soon improved on Hughes’ time until Sargeant produced a strong 1m 45.671 to put himself on course for pole at the end of the opening runs, as Piastri stopped at pit entry with another technical issue which required a push start from marshals to return to the pit lane. 

Igor Fraga was first driver out for his final run just minutes later as the others soon followed, with Smolyar, Fernandez and Fittipaldi amongst a few who improved their time on their first effort of final runs as Piastri stopped at Brooklands to cause a red flag. 

Once the session resumed, various drivers found time as Sargeant eventually took his second consecutive pole with a stunning 1m 45.063, ahead of Lawson and Hughes. 

Frederik Vesti, Bent Viscaal, Pourchaire, Doohan, Beckmann, Ben Barnicoat and Lirim Zendeli round out the top ten, ahead of Piastri who will start Race One from 11th on the grid. 

Apart from Hughes and Barnicoat who qualified in third and ninth, Clement Novalak finished as the highest placed Brit outside the top ten in 12th ahead of Max Fewtrell and Olli Caldwell in 16th and 23rd positions respectively. 




Position Driver Team Time
1 David Beckmann  Trident 1m 45.195
2 Jack Doohan HWA Racelab + 0.273
3 Theo Pourchaire ART GP + 0.305
4 Logan Sargeant Prema + 0.337
5 Liam Lawson Hitech GP + 0.375
6 Jake Hughes HWA Racelab + 0.472
7 Lirim Zendeli Trident + 0.681
8 Frederik Vesti Prema + 0.712
9 Bent Viscaal MP Motorsport + 0.769
10 Enzo Fittipaldi HWA Racelab + 0.790
11 Alex Peroni Campos + 0.813
12 Max Fewtrell Hitech GP + 0.868
13 Frederico Malvestiti Jenzer + 0.871
14 Aleksandr Smolyar ART GP + 0.872
15 Igor Fraga Charouz + 0.904
16 Clement Novalak Carlin + 0.909
17 Calan Williams Jenzer + 0.912
18 Ben Barnicoat Carlin + 0.927
19 Roman Stanek Charouz + 0.936
20 Richard Verschoor MP Motorsport + 0.977
21 Matteo Nannini Jenzer + 1.046
22 Dennis Hauger Hitech GP + 1.076
23 Sebastian Fernandez ART GP + 1.092
24 Sophia Floersch Campos + 1.229
25 Cameron Das Carlin + 1.368
26 Olli Caldwell Trident + 1.785
27 Lukas Dunner MP Motorsport + 1.838
28 Alessio Deledda Campos + 2.320
29 David Schumacher Charouz + 2.919
30 Oscar Piastri Prema +23.915



Position Driver Team Time
1 Logan Sargeant Prema 1m 45.063
2 Liam Lawson Hitech GP + 0.234
3 Jake Hughes HWA Racelab + 0.344
4 Frederik Vesti Prema + 0.521
5 Bent Viscaal MP Motorsport + 0.534
6 Theo Pourchaire ART GP + 0.567
7 Jack Doohan HWA Racelab + 0.573
8 David Beckmann Trident + 0.615
9 Ben Barnicoat Carlin + 0.702
10 Lirim Zendeli Trident + 0.796
11 Oscar Piastri Prema + 0.814
12 Clement Novalak Carlin + 0.830
13 Enzo Fittipaldi HWA Racelab + 0.890
14 Matteo Nannini Jenzer + 0.909
15 Cameron Das Carlin + 0.966
16 Max Fewtrell Hitech GP + 0.966
17 Aleksandr Smolyar ART GP + 0.972
18 Alex Peroni Campos + 1.021
19 Sebastian Fernandez ART GP + 1.134
20 Calan Williams Jenzer + 1.158
21 Federico Malvestiti Jenzer + 1.216
22 David Schumacher Charouz + 1.328
23 Olli Caldwell Trident + 1.366
24 Dennis Hauger Hitech GP + 1.496
25 Roman Stanek Charouz + 1.557
26 Igor Fraga Charouz + 1.624
27 Richard Verschoor MP Motorsport + 1.648
28 Lukas Dunner MP Motorsport + 2.075
29 Sophia Floersch Campos + 2.179
30 Alessio Deledda Campos + 2.797

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