Street battle

After an enthralling Spanish Grand Prix, Formula One now hits the streets of Monaco for the most glamourous street battle of them all. It can only be the Monaco Grand Prix


Things have been relatively quiet between Spain and now but there are three things to keep an eye out for this weekend.


  1. Return of Button


With Fernando Alonso racing Stateside this weekend in the Indy 500, Jenson Button makes an one off return to McLaren.


McLaren might be unreliable but with Button at the wheel and this being Monaco, there is surely a big opportunity to finally get some points on the board.


Button and Stoffel Vandoorne both have fond memories of the principality, having won here before. Button won in 2009 whilst the Belgian took his win en route to the 2015 GP2 title in the feature race.


Here hoping to a strong weekend for McLaren as they seek some points for the constructors championship.


2. Beautiful weekend


Weather wise, no rain is forecast for any session so expect to see plenty of running.


As for wind as things stand, there’s going to be a extremely mild breeze picking up throughout the weekend. It however won’t be enough to become a variable in the race outcome.


3. Even Stevens


Monaco is a low power track so expect Ferrari to be very close to Mercedes here all weekend.


Daniel Ricciardo took pole for Red Bull here last year but they don’t expect to be challenging much this time around.


As a result, expect to see Red Bull try and fend off a rapidly improving Force India team, who took third place with Sergio Perez here last year through a clever race strategy.


Given how tight things were between Williams to McLaren on single lap pace in qualifying at Circuit de Catalunya, qualifying will be pivotal in telling us whether the early part of qualifying is going to be key for remainder of this season.


This historic race hasn’t offered much in way of overtakes recently so qualifying is definitely must watch as the race is potentially all but decided.


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