Williams Announces Sustainability Project

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Williams have vowed to become climate positive by 2030 as they unveiled a new sustainability strategy project.

With sustainability becoming an increasingly important aspect across motorsport around the world, Williams have vowed to commit to becoming climate positive by 2030 as they unveiled a new project concerning sustainability strategy.

The new strategy is designed to address environmental and social challenges which faces not just F1 but global sport and planet Earth, with the project based around five crucial pillars; Climate Action, Biodiversity, Stewardship, Sustainable Innovation, Industry Access for All and Purpose Driven Leadership.

All five pillars will define actions taken by the team across short and medium term in order to speed up transition towards creating a stronger planet, with all five objectives set for annual reviews in terms of measurement and audit.

Williams have also provided further detail on each of the five individual pillars within this project;

Climate Action – Covers strategy and targets for reduction of carbon emissions for travel and energy consumption at the team’s HQ in Grove, Oxfordshire, UK. as well as cutting down on waste and water usage with view to creating own energy.

Biodiversity Stewardship – Covers strategy and targets for protection and preservation of biodiversity across their HQ campus, including Letcombe Brook – just one of 240 chalk streams across the world.

Sustainable Innovation – Covers strategy and targets for fostering sustainable and innovative solutions in tackling global challenges within and outside of F1, with particular focus on circular economy strategies and full life cycle management of Williams’ racing cars.

Industry Access for All – Covers strategy and targets in ensuring motorsport is more accessible with an environment for all employees to thrive, as well as a workforce reflective of academy programmes, scholarships and Esports.

Purpose Driven Leadership – Covers strategy and targets for Williams to act as pace setters of sustainability within motorsport with a transparent culture within the team on and off track, alongside partners, suppliers, local community and fans.

Williams CEO, Jost Capito spoke on this new strategy as he said: “We are living in a time when our planet and society is changing faster than ever.

“Building on the progress the global motorsport industry has made on sustainability in recent years, we have taken time to thoroughly analyse our entire operation and develop a comprehensive purpose driven, Sustainability Strategy to accelerate our sustainable transformation.

“As a team, we wanted to push the envelope and be the pace setter for sustainability in global motorsport and in the wider automotive industry.”

Capito went on to iterate that the team “will be using our knowledge to nurture and develop advanced technology to meet this goal.”

Reflecting on the team’s current strengths and weaknesses whilst welcoming advice and support from outsiders, Capito added: “We know where we are strong and understand where improvement is required and we are open to learning from others and sharing best practices in pursuit of our ambitious objectives.

“To help raise the baseline of sustainable performance in our industry, we welcome interaction and partnerships with key motorsport stakeholders, automotive companies, brands and organisations who share our vision.”

Capito concluded by urging everyone within motorsport and fans to help make a positive change, as he said: “As we progress towards our goal to be climate positive in the years ahead, my hope is that Williams Racing can inspire all those connected with our sport and beyond, using motorsport as a catalyst for significant and long-lasting change.”

Williams have also signed up for the UNFCCC Sports for Climate Action Framework after recently being awarded FIA Three-star environmental accreditation.

Speaking on the decision to welcome Williams as a member of the UNFCCC Sport for Climate Action Framework, Sector Engagement in Climate Action Lead, Linditia Xhaferi-Slihu said: “The team is the first Formula One Team joining the Framework, sending a clear signal on the growing importance of setting clear climate targets and of using the sport and technologies as a catalyst for change.

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