Pirelli Confirm Cause of Tyre Failures at 2020 British Grand Prix

Lewis Hamilton was one of three drivers to suffer tyre failures during the climax of Sunday's British Grand Prix. (Image credit: LAT Images)

Pirelli have announced that tyre failures witnessed during the climax of Sunday’s 2020 British Grand Prix were caused by a combination of factors.

Teams chose to pit drivers for hard tyres during a safety car period between laps 13-17 after Daniil Kvyat crashed his Alpha Tauri on entry to Maggots, which resulted in what Pirelli described as a ‘particularly long final stint’ of nearly 40 laps.

Valtteri Bottas was the first driver to fall foul when his front left gave up on entry into Village on lap 50, with Carlos Sainz and Lewis Hamilton both also suffering failures on the final laps despite Hamilton clinging on for a seventh home victory

Pirelli also noted increased pace of the 2020 F1 cars placing stronger forces on the tyres, alongside the traditional demanding characteristics of Silverstone as having played factors in the three front left tyre failures in the last three laps of Sunday’s race. 

Pirelli ultimately concluded that a combination of higher lap usage than anticipated coupled with high wear meant that the tyres weren’t strongly protected from the extreme forces of this year’s F1 cars. 

It has also been confirmed that Pirelli will retain their initial softer selection for this weekend’s second race at Silverstone, with C2, C3 and C4 tyre compounds being a step softer than those selected for the British GP.

Pirelli will however review the usage recommendation and consider raising the minimum tyre pressures to reduce the stress on the tyres around the demanding corners of Silverstone. 

Teams will revert back to the C1, C2, and C3 tyre compounds for the Spanish GP in Barcelona across weekend of 14-16 August, where it is hoped that there shouldn’t be any further tyre issues as seen on Sunday at Silverstone. 

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