Should F1 Live Come North?

Should Formula One Live head up to northern Britain, despite last night’s F1 London Live being an excellent event in Trafalgar Square?

Most sporting events take place down south except for the Super League Grand Final and Tour de Yorkshire, which are specifically northern based for different reasons.

The main reason behind this is often financial purposes but this shouldn’t stop sports bringing events up north for a change.

On that note, why doesn’t F1 come north even if just for a demonstration event so that fans in the north can get up close with the drivers without dragging ourselves down south and paying out high costs for travel and a night’s stay?

Here are some of my top ideas for locations that would probably do a great job of F1 Live up north.



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F1 has a lot of history with Scotland, having produced two world champions in Sir Jackie Stewart and Jim Clark, who are joined in good company by David Coulthard, who is a two time winner of the British Grand Prix.

Why not celebrate that rich history with the sport by having F1 Live in Edinburgh, despite Scotland having never hosted the British Grand Prix?

Imagine the cars roaring out of Edinburgh Castle down the Old Mile then around the downhill Cockburn Street and along Market Street before a right turn onto North Bridge before coming back up the Royal Mile. That would one thrilling demo to watch on TV or as a spectator in the crowds.

As for the stage and entertainment, there is plenty of choice from Arthur’s Seat to Princes Street Gardens or even Calton Hill.

The middle option would be best as be easier for drivers to get to after returning the cars to the Castle because the other two suggestions, although Arthur’s Seat and Calton Hill would be bit of a trek for drivers to stage would offer fantastic views of Edinburgh.



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The North East might not have many links to F1 bar for two exceptional engineers in Dave Robson and Rob Smedley but that shouldn’t count the region out of hosting F1 events.

Given that Newcastle have several hilly roads, the F1 cars could do a lap just outside St James’ Park Stadium.

The route could start on Barrack Road heading down Gallowgate before briefly hitting Percy Street, prior to a left hand turn onto Leazes Park road then up Strawberry Place before finishing at St James Park using their car park as the finish line.

The entertainment stage could easily go inside the stadium because it opens up an opportunity to make entertainment ticket only and extra cash for F1.



Despite the ‘City of Culture’ title being for 2017 only, Hull would certainly be a good northern place to take F1 Live in 2018.

Having the event would offer Hull the potential to put itself back in the public’s eye again despite nobody being the next city of culture till 2021, plus the venue could easily be staged in the Queen’s Gardens with the cars doing demos on the outskirts of the venue.

The main issue with the venue idea though would be space because the Gardens currently has a lot of trees. It certainly wouldn’t be environmentally friendly to chop the trees down to make way for an one off event, which probably weakens the argument for Hull.

I did ponder Leeds, Liverpool and Manchester as possible cities. However, after looking on the satellite Google Maps, I felt that the logistics of holding an event in these cities without much disruption would be too challenging.

If got any views on whether F1 Live should visit northern England or anywhere else in the world, please head over to Facebook (@SportGrillblog) or Twitter (@SportGrill1) to share your opinions.

Just to be clear, the views expressed above are of mine only and nobody else’s and especially not the cities suggested!!!

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